Ron Winkler, Germany

(c) Dirk Skiba

Ron Winkler was born in 1973 in Jena and lives and works as a freelance writer and translator in Berlin. In 2017 he published his collection of poetry Karten aus Gebieten (Schöffling & Co.). In 2018 his Silbersteinbriefe were published (Quickie Verlag). He is the editor of many anthologies, most recently in the form of posthumous poems by Thien Tran. Ron Winkler’s poetry has been translated into twenty-five languages. Selections have appeared in Mexico, Ukraine, Britain and Slovakia. He was awarded the Munich Poetry Prize in 2015 and the Basle Poetry Prize in 2016.

Publications (Selection):
Fragmentierte Gewässer. Berlin Verlag, 2007
Frenetische Stille. Berlin Verlag, 2010
Prachtvolle Mitternacht. Schöffling & Co., 2013
Karten aus Gebieten. Schöffling & Co., 2017
Silbersteinbriefe. Literatur Quickie Verlag, 2018

2006: Arbeitsstipendium des Berliner Senats
2015: Lyrikpreis München
2016: Basler Lyrikpreis
2019: Literaturstipendium Schloss Wartholz
2020: Stadtschreiber zu Rheinsberg 2020

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