Maren Kames, Germany

(c) Mathias Bothor

Maren Kames, born in 1984 in Überlingen on Lake Constance, lives and works as a freelance writer and translator in Berlin. She studied Cultural Studies, Philosophy and Theatre Studies in Tübingen and Leipzig, before attending the Institute for Literary Writing in Hildesheim. For her first collection Halb Taube Halb Pfau (2016) she was awarded the Düsseldorf Poetry Debut Prize and the Anna Seghers Prize. In Luna Luna (2019) Kames strikes up a dark poem in which a speaker talks of their own disintegration – underscored by the voices of Annie Lennox, Bon Iver and Shakespeare‘s Sister.

Halb Taube halb Pfau. Secession Verlag für Literatur, 2016
Luna Luna. Secession Verlag für Literatur, 2019

2013: Lyrikpreis beim 21. Open Mike in Berlin
2014: Gargonza Arts Awards
2017: Anna Seghers-Preis
2017: Kranichsteiner Literaturförderpreis
2019: Stipendiatin der Villa Aurora, Los Angeles

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