Canisia Lubrin, Canada

(c) Anna Keenan

Canisia Lubrin, born in 1984 in St. Lucia, is a writer, editor, critic and lecturer. Her work has been published and anthologised internationally, including translations into Spanish and Italian. Her first collection of poems Voodoo-Hypothesis was acclaimed as Best Book by Canada’s state broadcaster CBC and is one of the Top 10 Must Reads of the League of Canadian Poets. Lubrin herself describes the poems in this collection as a “rejection of contemporary and historical systems that signify Blacks as inferior”. Her most recent book is The Dyzgraphxst (McClelland & Stewart, 2020). Lubrin lives in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Voodoo-Hypothesis. Buckrider Books, 2017
The Dyzgraphxst. McClelland & Stewart, 2020

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