Maria Pia de Vito, Italy

(c) Paolo Soriani

Maria Pia de Vito, born 1960 in Naples, Italy, is a jazz musician and composer and has been active in the jazz scene since 1980. Collaborations with musicians such as Maria Joao, John Taylor and Joe Zawinul. Cross-genre explorations of the various vocal styles of free jazz to electronic to Baroque. Artistic Director of the Jazz Section of the Ravello Festival 2016-18 and the Bergamo Jazz Festival. Numerous awards including Career Award (2016), Musica e Dischi (2012) and the Critics’ Prize in Musica Jazz magazine (2008, 2009, 2011).

Publications (Selection):
Il Pergolese. Mit F. Couturier, A. Lechner, M. Rabbia. ECM, 2013.
Phone. Mit J. Taylor, G. Trovesi. Egesa o. J.
Nel Respiro. Provocateur Records, 2008.

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