Artur Becker, Poland

(c) Magdalena Becker

Artur Becker, born 1968 in Bartoszyce, Masuria, Poland, has lived in Germany since 1985 and is a poet, novelist, essayist and journalist. He writes his poems in German and Polish. His most recent book is Bartel und Gustabalda (parasitenpresse, 2019). He “casts a deep-focus look in his poetry at the now-time, which he allows to correspond with the past, illuminating it according to hidden metaphysics …” (Matthias Ehlers, WDR 5). He has received many awards for his work, including the Adalbert von Chamisso Preis (2009) and the Dialog Prize (2012).

Publications (Selection):
Bartel und Gustabalda. Parasitenpresse, 2019
Drank nach Osten. Weissbooks.w. 2019
Der unsterbliche Mister Lindley. Weissbooks.w. 2018
Ein Kiosk mit elf Millionen Nächten. STINT, 2009

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