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, 2020-06-10, 8:30 PM

“superpowerpoetry” is the combined power of Spoken Word heroes for using voices and bodies to give words a new dynamic beyond the printed page.

Superpowerpoetry is the combined power of Spoken Word heroes. A bit of power is often lost on the way from the mind to the page, so that the letter on the paper sometimes seems powerless. But in the subterranean corridors of the Superpowerhouse, an imaginary word power factory, words are given a new dynamic using voices and bodies. The performers fill the power field with Slam Poetry, Spoken Word and Hip Hop.

Deborah Emmanuel, Creatrix and Word icon from Singapore, Yunus, Rapper with viola, Dean Bowen, a young Spoken Word artist with socially critical sound and Julian Heun, three-time German-language Poetry Slam Champion, present their texts this evening – rhymed or unrhymed, socially critical or intimate, humorous or close to tears, uncompromising or tender. An experiment in poetic magnetism with the word battery being recharged – Poetry: On.

Project organiser: Julian Heun

Superpowetry/Spoken Word is supported with the kind assistance of the Federal Foreign Office, the Royal Dutch Embassy in Berlin and Nederlands Letterenfonds.