Raquel Lima, Portugal

(c) Mídia Ninja

Spoken Word poet Raquel Lima (born 1983 in Portugal) lives in Lisbon and has roots in every corner of the Lusophone world and beyond. As a performer, Raquel Lima has been bringing the spoken word to stages in Europe, South America and Africa for ten years, trying to find and understand her roots. At the University of Coimbra she does research on orality, slavery and Afro-diasporic movements. In 2019 she was on the organising committee of the Afro-Europeans Conference – Black Invisibility Contested. Raquel Lima’s poems came out last year in her first collection Ingenuidade Inocência Ignorância (BOCA & Animal Sentimental, 2019) and have been translated into several languages. She works in cultural education and gives workshops on poetry, skin colour and gender.

Ingenuidade Inocência Ignorância. BOCA & Animal Sentimental, 2019

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