Sarah Berger

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Sarah Berger, born 1985, lives and works as a writer, photographer and performer in Berlin. Situated somewhere between poetry and prose, the content and language of her literary work negotiate queer-feminist subjects, gender as a social construct and existential identity conflicts. Her first book Match Deleted Tinder Shorts was published in 2017 by Frohmann Verlag and was followed by the prose pieces Sein Zimmer für mich allein (Frohmann Verlag) and Folgen (SuKuLTuR) in 2018. Most recently Berger has published the short story collection Sex und Perspektive (Herzstück Verlag, 2020) and Bitte öffnet den Vorhang (SuKuLTuR). Since 2019 she has been co-organiser of the ruhe reading stage in the Altes Finanzamt Neukölln artists’ collective.

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